Hello, my name is Anna.

I teach master classes of crocheting handbags that you can view on my instagram @best_yarn_for_you_

One master class is 3 hours and costs 100 AED!

Each handbag takes a different amount of time, every crocheter have  different knitting speed, so I can’t tell you the exact number of master classes that you need! But usually students need 2-3 lessons for one handbag!

You can use your own yarn or buy it from me! I am also constantly in touch and if you decide to continue crocheting your handbag at home, then I can support you online!

I teach my Crochet lessons at Dubai Marina!

You can sign up for the master class by texting me on  WhatsApp or leave a subscribe below 👇🏻

At my master classes you will learn a lot of new and interesting things, looking forward for each of you!